Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A big sorry!!

Hello! I am back from my holidays and needed to post something to show that I am still around!! My recent holiday unfortunately wasn't quite the getaway I had anticipated and the first day we were there saw the theft of my handbag (including my digital camera), hence the reason no photos on this post. I have been busy crafting, you will have to take my word on this!, however with the loss of my camera I am unable at present to how any of them. It has been a rather hectic time of late, with Maisie starting big school and Emerson doing his afternoon at pre school and I have not been blogging, so my apologies for not leaving any comments. Maisie is not taking to school particularly well so much of my time is being spent with her (she won't do a full week until November). One thing my holiday did was it gave me a few days clear of all things crafty and allowed me the opportunity to properly consider how I wish to spend my time. I am going to continue with blogging but on a more casual basis, to allow me some quality one on one time with emerson, some special time with Maisie... and of course my lovely Matt!!! My computer needs to be rebuilt as makes even the smallest task take forever and time is so precious when children are small, I'm getting frustrated by the amount of time each post takes1!! I hope you are all well, and will no doubt steal a few moments here and there to catch up! I do miss you!!
Love Jane xxx


  1. Awh Jane I am so sorry to hear what's been going on. I totally understand and can sympathise about the children. Pop by when you can and enjoy your special time with your lovely family.

    Take care :D

    Emma x

  2. OMG, I can't believe that about your handbag. That totally sucks. And I'll tell you what I told Ju, spending time with family is so important, it is impossible to keep up with friends blogging so don't feel bad about that at all! I hope Maisie starts to like school better. You stay well. love deb

  3. So sorry to hear about the theft of you handbag and camera....that stinks....I agree with the other posts.....taking time with the family is a must...blogging can wait and so we will!!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!!! :)

  4. Hi Jane. What a nightmare losing your bag and camera on your first day. Some people are unbelievable!!!! I hope it didn't totally spoil your break.
    You are so right to make the most of your precious children. They grow up so fast, believe me I know!! Make the most of every second. I'm sure Maisie will settle in soon and start loving school, they usually do after a few weeks. We will still be around when you've got more time and we won't forget you-promise.
    Take care!


  5. So sorry to hear about you camera and handbag. Some people suck!!!

    I hear you on the family thing. I have been cutting back too, so I can relate. You have to what's best for you (I'm still learning this one myself)


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