Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Engagement card

Here is a picture of a card I have made this morning under strict instruction from my younger sister. Her friend has just got engaged and she didn't want to just go to the shops to buy a instead she came to my house and I made one!!! Not that I minded, it allowed me a little play time with my new papertrey bits and bobs, which I have to say were well worth the wait. I dont know if it shows on the photo but there is a line of hand stitching to the right of the card with a small button sewn in(yes not just plonked with a gluedot!!), and some complimentary cross stitching on the left hand side. I did not have any engagement sentiments so just stuck my letters onto some paperstock, cut them out wonky with my wiggly scissors, inked the egdes and stuck them higgledy piggledy onto the card. This one was a bit of a challenge for me as I do not have much experience in cardmaking and there's that whole pressure of whether my lil' sis will like it and if her recipient will too!! Have a great day, love Jane xx


  1. Hi Jane. This is a lovely engagement card. I'm sure it'll be treasured by the recipients. I love the hand sewing and the wibbly letters, must nicer than just a boring straight greeting. Your cards are lovely and I know what you mean about them being a challenge, I feel like that and yet scrapbooking comes easily, it's weird how one thing seems harder than the other isn't it!


  2. Well you're braver than me with the sewing hun! LOL!
    Lovely engagement card - it's really different but in a good way! Not your typical run-of-the-mill engagement card - am I making sense?!
    Oooh new PTI stash, how exciting! Come enter the challenge over on A Passion For Papertrey (Blatant plug, sorry!)- you could win some more PTI stash!
    There's an award (or three!) over for you on my lil' blog if you fancy them...

  3. This is beautiful Jane, honestly it is so creative and so elegant - shows real talent :D

  4. Hi Jane,
    I dont know what your worried about - the card is truly beautiful and the recipient will love it, it looks to me like theres no end to your talents, Card's, Gift Boxes, Layout, Mini Albums - your great at it all!!!
    Take Care - Ju xx

  5. It's beautiful, they will LOVE it!!!!! There is nothing more special than something handmade!!! xOxO

  6. Hi Jane love this card, great colours and handmade stuff just seems so much more meaningful xx


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