Friday, 28 August 2009

Birthday Bag

Good evening all, just a quick post tonight as I have a really busy weekend planned and probably won't find much time to blog. I have had an exhausting past few weeks and today I booked a family holiday to Pembrokeshire , what with the kid's chicken pox aswell, I think we all could do with a little R&R. We're not going until next weekend however there is so much to organise when you holiday with little ones, isn't there?!. I usually take anything and everything I can lay my hands on, just in case!!!! Anyway, just wanted to show you another one of my gable boxes. I found the template at the back of a crafting magazine and it is now one of my firm favourites. It's so easy to alter the dimensions too to make it wider or taller, (if you're really organised and know what you want to put it in before you make it!). I love using core-dination card to make them as it is so sturdy.

I also discovered a more inventive way of tying the box. The button acts as a stopper on the left side, with the ribbon pulled across the back, then looped through the right hand side and tied as a bow (are you following....?!!!). Anyway, have a great weekend whatever you're doing.

Love Jane xxxx


  1. Love the box Jane the colours are beautiful!! hope you have a fab holiday I can remember ours when the girls where young you do take everything every lol, have a great time and remember to take loads of picture to scrap xx

  2. Ooh Jane - make sure you give us a wave - you'll be passing right by me on your way to your hols. Make sure you you shout a big yoo hoo when you past Swansea hee hee.

    I love this, your 3d projects are always so fabby and the papers are so funky :D

    Have a great holiday :D

    Emma x

  3. Another wonderful project i do think. I just love these boxes [Hope i get one filled with wonderful things for my birthday - hee hee]
    Cant wait until tomorrrow.
    Ju xx

  4. Fabulous box - love the unique way of tying it up - very effective!

    You deserve a nice break sweetie - don't get too stressed preparing it all (I know what it's like lol)

    Steph xxx

  5. Hi Jane. Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left me while I was away. I really appreciated them. I know I'm a bad blogger by not saying I was on holiday, just a bit superstitious I suppose. Anyway, I know how to schedule posts for next time!!
    It sounds like you've been having a busy time lately. I just loved Maisie doing her scrapbooking, that's something for you to scrapbook to show her when she's older!!!! I love it when they want to join in.
    Enjoy your coming holiday, sounds like you definitely deserve it and have a great bank holiday weekend whatever the weather.


  6. Hey Jane you clever thing! I LOVE the idea of the unique fastening to your box - just so sweet! Your box is gorgeous too - good job it's easy to alter as whenever I make anything my present never fits in 'em LOL!
    Get busy organising for your hols now Missy - hope you have a fabby time!

  7. This is soooooo adorable and you did a great job with this!!!! Great idea about fastening!!!! Hoping that you weekend is restful!!! Thank you for such wonderful comments that you leave makes me smile to see your posts!!!! :)

  8. This is so unique, I love it! I hope you have a great weekend! xOxO

  9. You are so sweet Jane, thank you SO much for your nice comments!!!! I know not everyone is a PH fan, so I am bracing myself! lol Have a great day! xOxO


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