Friday, 14 August 2009

Put your shades on this ones a bit bright!

Here is my latest scrap book page, dedicated to my sweet little Maisie. As you can see I got rather a little carried away with colour, but I just wanted to go for it with this one as I tend to stick to the more neutral shades usually (and it was a fun page after all). Admittedly it probably is a bit on the busy side (?) but I really enjoyed working out the LO and patterns etc. I still find that I am stunted considerably by the lack of kit that I own, but it's all so flipping expensive and the nearest proper craft store is 25 miles away.

I did get to play with an edge punch last night which was rather fun and there's something so satisfying about making those cute pinwheels!!

The photo's were taken on 2 different occassions playing at our local park last summer (the little boy walking with Maisie is her cousin Conor, whom Maisie assures me that she is going to marry one day!!!!). I'm sure there are laws about that, but I've got several years to put her off that idea!
Anyway, hope you are all having fun in the sun, it looks like another warm one today.
Love Jane xx


  1. This is such fun Jane, I love the mix of colours and patterns - it really suits the images. Those pinwheels look amazing too - you will have to let us in on the secret :D

    Have a great weekend,

    Emma x

  2. I'm so glad you 'went for it' with this page - those colours are SO FUN! Definitely NOT too busy especially when the subject of your layout is totally adorable!
    I buy my crafty supplies online - though it's very easy to get carried away clicking and adding things to my 'basket' LOL!
    Have a fabby weekend!

  3. Love your LO, beautiful and bright :) Love your blog background too! I'm going to invest in some owl stamps one of these days... Thanks for following my blog, I've linked up to your to so I can see when you up date and pop over for a nosy :) hehe. Take care xx

  4. I LOVE all these colors!!!!!!! This is so cute!
    And the stitching, super cool! I am still trying to figure out my darn edge punches! I hate them at the moment! I just am impatient I guess!!! xoxoxo deb

  5. Super adorable scrapbook page! I love the fun colors and all the added details and embellishments! It looks fab! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog and for the sweet comment. :) You've got a very cute blog set up here and I'll be sure to come back and visit.

  6. Oh Jane its gorgeous!! I love all the colours and theres loads of detail to look at - it really is beautiful!

    Im around tonight but ive been at my sisters for a girlie shopping spree yesterday and today so i really need to update the blog! lol The order went in fine too and im sure we should have a dispatch note soon :)

    Talk to you soon

  7. Great layout Jane! I love all the colors, you did a great job. I also like the 4 divided area's.

    Love the pinwheels as well. I have been doing a lot of them myself recently.

    Have a great day!

  8. Jane, What a beautiful layout [for a very beautiful little girl] I love the colours and the pin wheels. - It's really sweet - cant wait for the next LO.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  9. OMG, your poor baby. That's horrible. I hope those darn chicken pox go away VERY soon. xOxO

  10. I love this - the papers are so bright & fun, just perfect for such a little sweetie pie, fab layout too :)

    Hugs xxx


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