Monday, 10 August 2009

Catching up

Hello everybody, I didn't ever imagine that I would ever get back blogging but I managed to slip away from the kids attention for a few minutes so here goes... I've had a real hectic past week or so, my little Emerson got chicken pox on 31 July and I've been clucking over him ever since. He was really lucky as I'm told he has had it mild but to me there are far too many spots on him! I'm finding myself following him around desperately trying to remind him not to pick the scabs or he will scar, but he doesn't get it so I just follow some more!! Also Matt and I went to Knebworth for a huge rock festival, it was a one dayer with Metallica headlining and it was just amazing. We managed to get 2nd from front with 60,000+ people pushing from behind, a bit scary but well worth it as we were so close to the band and they were brilliant. Didn't get back until 3am the next day, and if you know me thats late... I'm using falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm!!
I have a few little projects I've managed to do during the last week but did not have time to post, starting with a photo frame for my lovely little 'nearly nephew' Harrison, it was his birthday on 7th and thought I would make him something to keep...

Also another little bag, this time for my gorgeous little niece Leilah (Ange if you're reading this don't look!!!)...

... and a little bag for my man (They need little treats sometimes don't they?!!), I put some belgian chocolate covered nuts inside because I like those too!!

Also a huge thankyou to the lovely Aimes for nominating me to recieve .... wait for it.... 3 YES 3 blog awards!! Thankyou so much Aimes, you know how excited I get and this was just such a surprise!! I love all of your work and enjoy visiting to see what you've been up to, it's always gorgeous and usually the topic of mine and Julies conversations, so if your ears are burning, it's all good!! I'm sure all of you must know Aimes (!) however if you don't (where have you been?!) visit her at and you will see why I sent you! Anyway, must go, children getting restless and I still need to comment on some blogs! Love Jane xx


  1. Stop it Jane, y'making me blush LOL!! So happy you like the awards - you deserve them not only for your blog but your lovely comments you leave too!
    Right then enough of this slushfest - your frame is adorable and I love the girlie bag too! I hope your man enjoys his treats and appreciates the packaging as well as the choc!

  2. Hi you,
    Your little bag for your niece is so cuuuute - she will love it, now onto the subject of the frame that you've altered - not only is the subject the most yummie little boy i've ever seen [of course he is yummie and gorgeous he's mine ;)] but the frame itself is so beautiful - I wish everyone could see it in person as it really is wonderful, I just know so much time, thought and love went into it. You truly are a thoughtful and kind hearted person. Thank you so much.
    Take Care - Luv Ya - Ju xxxx

  3. You sound as busy as me!

    Love all your crafty stuff, I wish I could see it IRL. Looks fun!

    Have a great day! Hope the chicken pox go far, far away. Don't want them spreading.

  4. Oh My God, you got that close! I was wondering when the concert was! How did I miss this post? Are your ears still ringing! lol I wish I was there with you!!!!!


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