Monday, 24 August 2009

Like mother, like daughter ....

The cutest thing happened this weekend, and I just had to post it here. I was busy doing housewifey things and had left my 4 year old, Maisie, out in the dining room with some paper and crayons. When i went back in I found that she had been making a scrap page!!!! Obviously a little somebody has been taking more notice of my hobby than I thought, it was so funny. She had got a photo (luckily not a one of my favourites or the nature of this post may have been slightly different!!) and taped it to the paper then decorated the rest of the page with drawing (the face is supposed to be her dad!). If that wasn't cute enough, she then proceeded to show me how the photo flapped up and underneath there was more drawing! She had also written mummy and Maisie under the pink paper flap. I nearly cried, that was how sweet a moment it was, and I also promised her that I would post it on my blog as it was so good, (excuse photo Maisie still has bed hair as it was still early in the morning!!)so here it is...

I managed late last night to do a page for my paperbag album. I wanted somewhere that a photo of Romilly and her sister Lacey could be displayed together so chose the saying '2 peas in a pod' and worked around that. The 'peas' will hold the photo's and are held in place underneath the writing, they just pull out. I don't have many letters so 'pimped up' my basic black ones by putting them on green buttons!

Hope you all had a great weekend, look forward to catching up later,
Love Jane xxx


  1. What a clever little girl - she seems to be very creative like her mummy. Thats one to keep in the memory box!!!
    What a great layout - I love it - I know you say you not sure about your 6x6 layout but i thing they're fantastic.
    Cant wait to see the other pages.
    Take Care - Ju xx

  2. Now there's a lil' scrapbooker in the process if I ever saw one!!
    Maisie I just love your creation you should be very proud! I particularly think the flap is VERY clever, good thinking outside the box and the shading on your butterfly is AWESOME!
    Now remember to ask Mummy when raiding her supplies, some crafty bits and bobs are VERY precious LOL!
    Jane, I adore your layout too of course - lovin' the 2 peas in a pod with the circular space for photos, it's a really clever design!
    Thanks for the sweet comments about my new pic - I'm just really vain to be honest LOL! My new pic really does look more like me (I need a haircut!)

  3. Watch out Mummy - there is a new scrapper in town lol What a sweetheart she is and your page is so cute - the two peas in a pod idea is so clever.

    Have a great day :D

    Emma x

  4. Maisie your layout is gorgeous!! Well done honey and i bet your mum is worried her stash is going to disappear quickly!!
    Jane your page is too cute - i love the little peas and your letters are fab. Thank you as well for the sweet comments you leave for me - you really do cheer me up and make me smile!

  5. Doesn't she look so proud!! I love it when my Aimee asks me if its craft time lol it's nice to share something that you enjoy with them :) great idea putting the letters on buttons!! xx

  6. Love Maisie's layout she look so proud!! and I love her hair a true crafter not worried about how she looks (until she see's the picture in later years) lol xx think you need to lock up the stash!!! xx

  7. Like mother like daughter, that's for sure! She is sooooo cute, and so proud of her work as she should be! Hidden journaling?!?! She's better than me! lol
    Better get scrappin mom, great material here! xoxo

  8. Maisie is a superstar! What a gorgeous girl too :)

    LOL at your 'poo poo' story on my blog - the joys of motherhood eh?

    Hugs x


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