Saturday, 4 July 2009

Just getting started!

Good morning! Just a quick post to say that, with any luck, I am going to get posting photo's on here later today. As I have only been doing this since May this year I only have a limited back catalogue... ha ha! I have predominantly made cards up until 2 weeks ago, when I was challenged by a friend to make a scrap book for her daughters 2nd birthday. I hope to display some of these pages as work in progress. Also, if anybody is wondering, my blog name is an intentional play on words - I can be a little forgetful at times!!

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane,
    You did it!!!!!!! Your blog looks really cute, I love the owls. Can't wait to see what lovely projects you'll be creating. [If i know you they'll be very beautiful]
    Just think we've got all summer to craft - Cant Wait.
    Good Luck - Julie xxxxx

  2. Hi, I'll get started on a picture. I'll do a picture for maisie and I will do one for emerson aswell.

    Amy x


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