Thursday, 16 July 2009

My Paperbag scrapbook is complete!!!!!

I felt the need to document the fact that I have completed my first ever scrapbook!!!!!!!!! It's a fat one too!! I may have gone a little crazy with embelishments because it just won't sit flat, but I like that. Although this picture maybe does not do it justice, as there are actually lots of ribbons, tags and things all hanging out of the edges around the top and side, I also hand stitched the orange card on to the front page which doesn't show on here, i think i need to go on a crash course in photography, (if you look really closely there are probably crumbs from breakfast on my table!!). Anyway, have to make this a short post as I need to finish off my teachers gifts and cards. I've also got lots of housewifey chores to do - although I am suffering with terrible back ache today (possibly from crouching over a craft table until the early hours!) although more likely because Emerson decided to jump on my back, knees first, this morning. Bye for now...
Jane xx

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  1. Hello my crafty friend - This is beautiful, I was lucky enough to see the completed book last night - believe it or not it's even prettier in person, [if you know what i mean] Lacey is going to love it.
    Congratulations on your first completed book!!!! I'm so glad your as hooked on this as i am as i've got someone special to share my passion with - I cant wait to see more.
    See you later - Julie xxx


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