Thursday, 23 July 2009

The sleep fairies have been!

For the last year probably every night that my kids stay a full night in their bed the 'sleep fairy' leaves a penny under their pillow, (because of their age they don't know the value of money so the fairy found that 10p's worked best as they are more shiny!!). This has been working wonders and we rarely have midnight visitors anymore, also it gives them something to be proud of and is their pocket money! As mentioned in an earlier post we have just finished decorating Maisie's new room (just had to extend the house) and so for the first time this week they were seperated into their own rooms so the sleep fairy kindly left them a special gift last night. The idea for the bags was from Inkin' Idaho. They are brown paper bags decorated basically with a little flap over the top to secure in place. Each one inside had a personal letter from the sleep fairy saying how proud she was of them and some shiny pennies. They were so excited with their bags, although Maisie did notice that the fairy had embelishments a bit like mine, luckily being 4 years old, she did not read too much into that and just thought it was funny!! Anyway short post today as I am off to the shops with my friend Julie, I'm taking her to a shop I have been raving on about for ages, it's full of all sorts of things but at REALLY cheap prices - so I better get a move on! Catch you later.... Jane xx


  1. Oh how pretty - a princess fairy bedroom. You could never tell I long to have a little girl :D What a clever Mummy they have, even though they don't realise it.

  2. Hi Jane,

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  3. What a lovely idea Jane. Maisie's room looks beautiful, perfect for a little girl. I like the fairy bags, may have to borrow that one. My little girl isn't so little now at 8 but still loves fairies and leaves them letters under her pillow. Problem is she doesn't always tell Mummy and so the fairies don't always reply. This may just be the answer.
    Enjoy your shopping.


  4. These little bags are so yummie, I love the buttons on Maisie's, and the colours on Emersons are so nice and bright.
    What will you be making next i wonder - something totally gorgeous i'm sure.
    Take Care and a great big hug for the weekend.
    Love Ju xx

  5. i love all the art stuff what you do. could i come over one day when you are making something and maybe i could make something too

  6. hi thanks fro helping me with my blog i am really pleased with it thank you very much maisie is having fun with all my toys it is fun


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