Friday, 17 July 2009

One more reason to drink coffee!!

I was just about to put my coffee jar into the glass recycling bin when (and this is extremely rare for me this time in the morning) I had this idea. I was only moaning about my lack of storage containers the other day and here I was about to throw one in the bin. A good wash-up and a few ribbons later and I now have a cute little buttons jar. I made a jute flower at the top with layered buttons as the flower centre. I also tied a little Beattrix Potter character on to the tag (I'ts from the story of The Tailor of Gloucester which I thought was quite appropriate as I am from Gloucestershire!). All I need to do now is drink lots more coffee then I can start making jars for the rest of my kit!! On a completely different note, it was Maisie's last day at pre school today and she had a little sports day (although it had to be held in the hall because of the rain). She came home with a little medal for taking part and a big folder full of her 'work' from the past year, really sweet.
Jane x


  1. wow janie thats sooooo cute, i want one! xxxx

  2. Because of this i'm off in search of jars today to decorate and fill with my bits and bobs - It's beautiful.
    Speak with you later - Ju xxxx

  3. What a great idea - heaven knows I have enough 'stuff' to fill the jars. I love the twine and ribbon especially.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments over at my place too :D

  4. What a fab idea! Better get my bf onto drinkin' more coffee (as I only like tea!) so I can do the same - I have buttons everywhere at the mo. Even found one in my slipper the other day LOL!

  5. Hi Jane. I've just been browsing cyberspace and found your lovely blog. It's always so nice to find a fellow scrapbooker. We're a rare breed, most people seem to be card makers.
    Your coffee jar is perfect, I've just thrown one exactly the same in the recycling this morning and been to retrieve it, now what can I keep in it!!!!!


  6. just popping in to see how my Metallica girl is doing!!! hugs, deb


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