Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Kids!

Thought I would upload this image as I'm out of batteries at the moment and can't photograph the scrap pages I worked on last night. I may try to incorporate this image into the thankyou cards for Maisie's preschool teachers as whilst Maisie will be saying goodbye, Emerson will be saying hello so it would be nice to maybe put them both on it!


  1. Jane,
    How cute is this picture!!!! -
    Guess what - I've just finished work so we've got all summer to let the kids play and craft - YIPPEE!!!

  2. OMG, how cute is that! A girl after my own heart! And you are a rocker! You UK girls rock!!!!!!!! literally!!!!!!! xOxO

  3. Hey girl, thanks for stopping at my blog today. Your blog is so cute with all these owls.

    I see my friend Deb was here (sparkling scrapbooks), so your in good company! nJust added myself as a follwer too.



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